What is Age To Stop Using Baby Monitors?

A baby monitor is a radio system which is also widely known as a baby alarm. A baby monitor is placed near the infant, and its primary function is to hear and record the infant’s sounds or noises.

A baby monitor is available with a variety of specialties. Many of these monitors consist of a camera, and it is called as a baby cam. Some of these baby monitors provide a two-way connection. This means that the infant’s parents can communicate with their infant by talking back to them when they make noise.

Some of the baby’s monitors also assess the movements of the baby. If no action is perceived or observed for more than 20 seconds, an alarm is produced by the device.

When to stop using the baby monitor

A baby monitor is a valuable asset during the initial weeks or months. It gives you significant relief when you move your infant to their room. It helps you to monitor their yawns and gurgles and sign.

Undoubtedly, if your room is not on the same floor as your baby, you can monitor your baby while working in the other office. However, at nighttime, if you are a light sleeper,

And the result, the next day, you are going to wake up all frustrated and sleep- every sound of your baby will wake you up, and you will be rushing to the other room deprived.

It is also not advisable to react or run to every sound of your baby. Because it will either disturb them or it will not help in scheduling a sleep pattern for the baby.


Some Of The Primary Reason For Avoiding The Baby Monitor

  • It is not essential to rush to every sound made by the baby

Babies make a whole lot of noise. They sneeze, burp, fart, and giggle, yawn, and whatnot. These are innocent and harmless sounds. However, after a certain age, mostly after 6 to 7 months, the music that needs attention is crying.

But to be honest, crying is healthy too. Sometimes parents rush to their baby’s room after hearing a little noise, which wakes up the baby. And every time you rush and open the door and look for your baby, your baby also gets disturbed and wakes up from the noises you made. And that’s where the tricky part lies, and your baby refuses to sleep then.

Therefore trust your instincts and switch off the baby monitor after a particular stage as this will help you get some relief and help the baby relax and set up a sleeping pattern.

  • If your room is right next to your baby’s room, stop using the baby monitor

If the rooms are close enough, you can easily hear your baby cry or cough. In this case, it is of no to use a baby monitor when you have your ears to listen to your baby.

  • Frequent use of a baby monitor can lead to anxiety and insomnia

Continuous use of a baby monitor can make you preoccupied with it. You record and listens to every sound made by the baby.

When the baby is wide asleep and is making no sounds, you anxiously wake up many times to check on your baby. And that’s how you become sleep-deprived, and if you do not get the maximum amount of sleep, how are you going to do all the chores in the morning. Therefore if it is complicated to get rid of it quickly, try to further it away from yourself.

  • A high addiction

It becomes an addiction if you monitor all your baby moves and sounds. It looks a lot like stalking on social media. And hopefully, you don’t want to hunt your baby all the time. It’s better to give yourself time and let your baby have its own baby time.

·         Spying

Frequent checking and monitoring of all your baby movements will cause problems later. Your baby might notice that you spy on them all the time, and your baby can modify his actions, becoming more restless.

Frequent use could also lead to spying on your partner and checking whether they changed the baby’s diaper correctly and are they the ones who woke them up by making noises.

And such things could end the infighting. Therefore when you feel your baby is loud enough now, it’s best to stop using the monitor.

Best Age To Stop Using The Baby Monitor

  • When your baby is 6months old or even more than that 

When your baby turns 6months old, he becomes active and loud enough to wake you up at night; therefore, it is irrelevant to use a baby monitor after this age. If he’s hungry at night, his cry will wake you up.

  • Toddler stage or when the baby starts sleeping in his regular king bed

When your baby starts walking, he can come to you himself. He can make loud noises and can call you for anything he wants. Also, a toddler at least requires 7 to 8 hours of deep sleep at night. Thus it is irrelevant to use a baby monitor after your baby starts walking.

When To Get Rid Of The Baby Monitor

The perfect time to get free of the baby monitor is to feel that anxiety is eating you and your personality.

Most newbie moms record every sound of their baby. They keep an eye on their every move. Even at night time, when there’s high time to give rest to our bodies, new moms keep an eye on their baby monitor to check whether their baby is sleeping properly or not.

And as a result, the moms get exhausted due to their unwanted checking and spying. And it becomes difficult to perform household and chores the next day actively.

When you become sleep-deprived day to day, routine becomes challenging, and sometimes we pour out our frustration on your partners or our baby’s.

Therefore when you feel that your baby has reached a certain age and is active enough to take first baby steps, its prime time to get rid of the baby monitor.

When Is The Best Time To Get Rid Of The Baby Monitor?

·         Baby is 6 months

When your baby becomes six months old or more, it’s the best time to get rid of the baby monitor and start focusing on establishing your baby bedtime routine and schedule. This will help your baby sleep well, but it will also relieve you from anxiety and sleep deprivation.

·         Toddler baby

When your baby is a toddler, and when he starts walking around, that’s when keeping a baby monitor becomes irrelevant. He can now sleep for hours in his king bed, and that’s how you can relax too.

·         Anxiety issues

When anxiety reaches a point where you start taking your frustrations out on your partner or your baby. That’s an alarm that you get rid of the baby monitor.


As a new mom, every mom needs to make sure that their child is getting an appropriate amount of sleep and is not in danger. The prime time to keep a baby monitor for your peace and the baby’s safety is when the baby is a few weeks or months old.  

When your baby is around six to seven months old, its best to let things be natural. At this age, baby is active enough to make sounds that can be easily heard.

Thus, that’s the best time to get rid of the baby monitor and use your instincts to keep your baby safe and also help him develop a good sleeping habit.

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