How to find best baby stroller for your kid ?

Best Strollers

Having kids is a blessing and true blessing is their upbringing in novel way and not confined in only one aspect or other but making right choices for them and their necessities. Some items are easy to choose while some others are pretty difficult both because of their worth in terms of use and money. Baby strollers are one of them, every parent want to buy them but choosing them can be a tiresome task. Parent use them often for a longer period of time ,so keeping in view your difficulty we will try to ease your task after some research because it is one of the most expensive purchase and we do not want that you make any decision in rush .It is one of the thing that parent and kids use so you should aware of fact that what you are buying .So first important thing is to know about types of strollers available online and in shops.

Best Strollers

Types of strollers

We have vast choice of strollers like twin ,pram ,jogging ,modular ,travel system and lightweight strollers.


A carriage can be considered as another name of strollers, but often refers to one where baby face you .


A “ pram “ describes the old fashioned carriages (big wheels, beautiful canopy) that keep infant lying down.

Twin strollers

Twin Baby Stroller

When parents want to push one or two strollers, than twin is for you ,it is more beneficial for parents who have twins, but can be equally used for kids who have small age difference between them.

Jogging strollers

They are perfect for parents who carry their kids along with them .A three wheel system, air filled tyres and plates on front wheel. But one should them if they have kids above 6 months and their neck and spine can bear the motion of jogging.

Modular strollers

Their all pieces are separate frame, seat etc. One can convert them into .They can easily transform from car seat carrier, to carriage to stroller to accommodate growing children. Baby can ride frontwards or backwards in any configuration providing the option to see the parents or explore the world.

Light weight strollers

They are also called umbrella strollers ,can take into plane and car .They smaller wheels but due to them and much lighter weight, they may be not convenient for everyday use on road ,in park or in shopping mall .Definitely their use depend on one’s life style.

Travel System

A travel system is a stroller that comes with a car seat that snaps into it. Modular strollers can be converted into travel system by replacing the stroller seat with car seat.
Points to ponder before buying a stroller

When you have knowledge about type of product which you are buying, its become pertinent to ponder over certain things to save your money and time.

Question you should ask yourself before buying a Stroller ?

Here are some points or questions you should ask from yourself before buying a stroller


Baby stroller is one of the thing that if you go to shopping or visit online store for shopping, you have to purchase it immediately you it cannot put it on your wish list saying that I like this stroller more than that of this one so I will save money for another six months. So before buying baby stroller it is necessary you must decide your budget according to your need and income. Popular styles are available in range of $100 to $200, there are strollers available up to $600 but definitely for celebrities and wealthy people.

Life style

You must decide according to your lifestyle .Stroller that eases you along with your lifestyle are best for you .If you love to do jogging and want healthy natural environment for kid than jogging strollers are for you. If you travel frequently than you should prefer lightweight or modular stroller that can be converted into travel system easily. All depends on you decide and prioritize according to your lifestyle .If someone has a child and says that this baby stroller was great or this was great ,it does not mean it will be fit for your kid and your lifestyle. Be a good decision maker.

Ease of use

You must prefer stroller that has features which makes it easy for you to use rather make it difficult along with other responsibilities for example you must check;
Height of handlebar
If you are buying online than must check the height of handlebar in product description or when you are buying it from store give a test to check the length of a handlebar that must not be too high or too low ,it should be of medium length that must suit your height and gait.
Basket under seat
A basket under seat or storage space is very important so that when you are on visit to some friend place or on shopping for groceries, you can place kid diaper bag or some other necessity or any grocery item under seat or water bottle for yourself or your kid. Side pocket is also important.
Lighter stroller is easier to push as compare to heavier stroller. Lighter stroller is easier to push, travel with, pack in the car and carry on the stairs. Stroller for new born should weigh between 11 to 16 pounds and for older babies umbrella strollers are always in use. Some parents may worry that a light weight stroller may be of poor quality .Not true; weight and quality are too different things.
Some parents may never fold their strollers while some parents may need to fold their baby strollers to make their space in car .Sometimes stroller does not lock in folded position and sometimes its not easy to use buttons, latches and bars for folding. Check them before you are buying the stroller.
Car seat
Travel system are so famous now a days that every parent prefer to have stroller that can manage car seat. If you prefer travel system than you must ensure that they can accommodate car seat or car seat frame.
Removable cover
Cover of the stroller should be made of lightweight and washable fabric .It should cover the structure of stroller in a way that it can be easily removed and washed.

Features of stroller you must Check before buying it .

You must check or ensure the quality of following features in your stroller
If you prefer to carry your kid along with you on long walks, you must ensure it must have wheels for long bumpy grounds while smaller wheels are best for city use.
The most crucial thing to save your child from exposure or shock s amortization ,you must prefer stroller that carry it.
✅Stroller frame
Check the stroller frame before buying and always prefer stroller with light weight frame because a heavy frame make your stroller overall heavy and difficult to carry.
Your stroller must have brakes or plates which lock your stroller wheels simultaneously and smartly at same time to avoid any hindrance.
✅ Canopy
Canopy should fold easily and quietly and must have great ventilation for hot days while performing its function to provide shadow.
✅ Reversible seat
Reversible seat is very useful when your kid is growing and ant to explore the world but not good to use for toddlers .It is completely depend on you that you want reversible seat for your kid or not.
As now you have knowledge of some basic features you should consider you must not forget about safety of stroller before buying ,you must check that is it certified from Juvenile products manufacture association to ensure it meets current safety standard .No stroller is perfect and carry all the features ,we tried our best to guide you to buy product of your desire ,Good Luck.

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