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Organizing the things makes our tedious job much easier .If you have kids than organizing your stuff is more important ,which not only saves your time but manage your kid room too.Managimg your kids wardrobe is meticulous task but can be eased with  availability of tools. Hangers makes your work more easy for yourself and your kids too. If you have drawers you place clothes in tasks but hangers makes easy to pull off clothes ,to keep them in original shapes after ironing. We know that due to  lack of time it is difficult for parents to wander in markets and buy best quality hangers, therefore we arrange a list of velvet baby hangers on Amazon which give you direct route to your desire products.

1)Neaty white plastic hanger

Neaties Children' Plastic HangersWhen parents want to buy hangers for kids, definitely parents would like to buy hangers which are sleek and durable, so our first suggestion for you is neaty white plastic hangers which have their unique elegance due to their white colour.Here are pros and cons of  neaty white plastic hangers
  •  Their reinforced plastic edges add extra durability
  • are light in weight and flexible to use.
  •  As compare to plastic hangers ,they are free from any burrs or flash.
  • Due to their thin design ,they are imperfect for jackets and coats.

  2) Utopia Home Premium Non Slip Velvet Hangers 

Utopia Home Premium Non Slip Velvet Hangers Wait ,wait ,wait you want many in one purchase but are worried about quality along with quantity ,here is a option for you,Utopia home kids velvet hangers pack comes in beautiful color while not compromising on quality. Ease and beauty definitely is a rare combination.
  • Color add beauty and elegance to wardrobe, makes it alluring for children.
  • Non- shedy velvet coating that will not come on clothes.
  • Strong velvety coating along with design prevents the delicate clothes such as silk from slipping.
  •  Rotatable hooks help to adjust easily in wardrobe.
  • they are too flexible to handle, therefore some customers complain it is difficult for them to avoid breakage.

   3)Zober –Premium  Kids velvet hangers non slip junior hangers

 Is it possible to fall in love with a hanger ?if yes , than you will certainly fall in love with zober premium kids velvet hangers .Light weight but still sturdy ,can carry pounds but still light weight,14’’ size makes them perfect for the kids use .For you ,we listed pros and cons of these hangers.
  •  These hangers have contoured shoulders that helps them to keep clothes in their shapes while avoiding slipping.
  •  They are ultra thin but even holds up to 5 pounds.
  •  The stainless steel has shiny chrome.
  •  Available in wide variety of five colors.
  • Velvet coating may shed off on clothesmaking it unsuitable for white and wet clothes.

4)Finnhomy Non-Slip Clothes Hangers for Baby and Kids

if you are searching  for hanger which can carry light to medium weight, these hangers are for you .Their quality and quantity worth the priceTheir color is pretty nice and nothing to fall off.
  •  They have distinct feature of additional clips which provides extra grip
  •  They can carry light to medium weight clothes.
  • They do not shed velvet coating
  • They do not have high cost, price is great for them.
  • Their thin prongs make it challenge to use them without care, extra delicacy is needed to handle them.

5)Amazon basic kids velvet non slip clothes hangers ,30 pack beige

AmazonBasics Slim, Velvet, Non-Slip ClothesIf you want to keep your kids clothing neatly organized and their fingertips,amazon basic kids velvet non slip clothes hangers provide you this opportunity. They have stainless steel structure with velvet coating. They are convenient and reliable solution for kids wardrobe.
  • They are strong enough to support heavy stuff.
  • They have unique feature of stainless steel and velvet coating
  • Available in wide variety of 8 colors.
  • Available in pack of 30 or 50.
  • They have sharp edges that prevent clothes from slipping and keep their crease.
  • They have narrow shoulders ,which limited their use above age of 8 years.

6) Closet complete baby velvet hangers, premium quality ,true heavy weight virtually unbreakable ultra thin space saving

 Closet Complete Baby VelvetNo doubt all it is difficult to find hangers for your kids ,because they all look super cute for kids use but we can not assure their quality .To find best hangers we have to do a lot of research ,after that we can find best hangers for our kids ,which are attractive and durable too. Definitely all hangers are not same ,some companies offer good stuff with ease of use. We prefer velvet hangers for kids so if kids get  touch with their hangers, they should be soft for them. Parents want also want to assure they are purchasing right thing that worth their money that’s why next in our list is closet complete baby velvet hangers .These hangers are perfect for use for children up to four years. They are thin but strong.
  • Available in six shades of colors.
  • They swivels 360 degree.
  • They are very thin and light weight perfect for the use of kids.
  • They have guarantee not to be breakable.
  • Available in pack of 25 and 50
  • some customers complain to have spots on velvet coating.

7)zober non-slip velvet hangers suit (50 pack) ultra thin space saving 360 degree

Kids clothes are different from adult clothes ,therefore it is difficult to keep these clothes on hangers .Here you can guess from the name of product which feature it is providing too you .Hangers which have contoured shoulders  keep clothes in their shape and prevent them from slipping .They provide best grip to your clothes.ZOBER Premium Kids Velvet Hangers
  • They are quite affordable; price is quite low as compare to other products and their own worth.
  • Provide good friction to keep clothes to slip
  • Made up of lightweight and flexible plastic.
  • Horizontal bar provide strong base to hold pants and other clothes
  • So they complain to swivel but due to ultra thin structure ,they are difficult to swivel

8)Amazon basic non slip clothes hanger

Amazon basic non slip clothes hanger These are black velvet hangers and are best hangers due to their shape that provide grip .They have additional notches which makes  them unique and provide unique feature of gripping the accessories.  They are strong enough to used for a longer period of time.
  • Their quality worth their their price
  • They have notched shoulders to prevent from slipping.
  • They are slim and sleek and left extra space in your closet.
  • Their sturdy design keep the weight up to 10 pounds.
  • Their velvet coating may shed off making it unsuitable for wet clothes./li>

9)Delta children nursery 24 piece set

Delta White Nursery Hangers 24 Pack for Baby, Toddler, Kids, Children What can be more comfortable and and luxurious for you if you find hangers along with organizers. These hangers are fit for new born kids .The cloth on hangers keep the clothes from falling off
  • They have unique organization tools to arrange clothes ,you can keep them up to months.
  • More than one color options are available.
  • They are pretty thin for the use of kids.
  • They can hold weight up to one pounds only.

10 )Casafield 50 velvet hangers pack of 50 Grey

You want instant make over of   closet of your kids ,than these hangers are perfect choice for you. They exceptionally luxurious and cute ,available in unique range of colors make them attractive for your kids.
  • They secure strappy clothes from slipping with ease.
  • The velvet flocked horizontal bar is perfect for keeping kids jeans at their place.
  • They can hold upto 5 pound weight.
  • They are not too sturdy and bend easily.

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