Baby Monitors for Deaf Parents 

Best Baby Monitors For Deaf Parents

Most of the parents go ahead and buy a baby monitor before their little one even arrives. It is important for the deaf parents that the baby monitor meets their needs as well as the baby.

You can easily find so many regular baby monitors that are available in the market, but these are not ideal for deaf parents. That is mainly because the audio tones simply will not be an effective way of alerting a deaf parent.

That is why the baby monitors for deaf parents should have some alternative alert settings, like vibration or some kind of graphical indicator, to make sure that the parent is notified when their baby has a fever, is craving, or something else is wrong.

While their little ones are sleeping, the parents with impaired hearing do not need to be worried about monitoring them and making sure that they are fine. For that reason, we have picked the top 5 best baby monitors for deaf parents to help you choose the best baby monitor that is available in the market.

Nanit Plus Baby Monitor and Wall mountBest smart baby monitor
VTech DM221-2 Audio Baby MonitorMost convenient device
Sonic Bomb Baby Cry SignalerBest signaling device
Philips Avent Dect Audio Baby Monitor SCD720/86Best for audio
Wireless SereneLife Baby Camera Monitor SystemBest overall wearable baby monitor

Nanit Plus Baby Monitor


Nowadays, the “smart” technoNanit Plus - Baby Monitor logies are becoming a part of pretty much everything at home, from smart refrigerators to smart thermostats. Smart tech is also becoming more and more widespread when it comes to technology for parents.

Here we have the Nanit Plus – Smart Baby Monitor as our very first pick from our list, which is an excellent modern option. It syncs up with a smartphone and is considered as one of the best baby monitors for deaf parents who are looking for an all-in-one solution.

It is a smart baby monitor that is labeled as, part baby translator, part baby monitor, and part sleep guru. It not only monitors your child while sleeping but it also analyzes the child’s sleep patterns using machine learning to determine the quality of sleep your baby got. It also offers some insights about how to improve the overall nighttime sleep experience.

Sleep quality is a big determining factor in the health and development of your child, which is why any device or tool that has the potential to improve life in this area is most certainly worth a look.

It also has two-way audio communication, which means that not only can you hear your baby, but you can also talk to your baby. It was lacking in the previous model by the company due to security reasons, but now they have released two-way communication in this model. Now they are confident in their security that a hacker won’t be able to hack your baby monitor and yell offensive words.

The company has also improved the picture quality in this model and it is now better than the previous model. However, with the night vision turned on in a dark room, they seem to be pretty similar. It also allows you to play nature sounds like white noise for your baby. Its app has continued to only get better.

This unit comes with several parts. There is a monitor/camera, which is the child unit. There are several options for stands, a wall mount, and the Nanit App for your tablet or smartphone. Unlike most of the baby monitors, this one does not come with its dedicated parent unit that has a screen with a speaker, which allows you to hear and watch your baby. Rather, it requires your device to the parent unit through an Android or iOS app.

For more effective and accurate tracking, you can use different accessories with it. You can connect it with the home Wi-Fi network to get the wireless transmission of the camera feed as well as send alerts to the parent’s smartphone.

It is quite easy to install and it mounts directly to a wall. It transmits HD images and video content to the parent’s smartphone, thanks to the built-in camera.


Maximum RangeN/A
TypeSmart baby monitor
Battery lifeN/A

Uses an AC adapter

Mounting MechanismWall mount
Functionality for deaf parentsSmartphone vibrations/notifications, Visual feedback, 2-way communication
FeaturesHumidity and Temperature sensors, Night vision




  • It has temperature and humidity sensors
  • It has a night vision mode for when it is dark in the room
  • It will sync up with any tablet or smartphone


  • It is quite expensive

VTech DM221-2 Audio Baby Monitor

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly sound baby monitor, then the Vtech DM221-2 is a great option for you and it also has more features than the average product at this price point. It provides excellent sound clarity and some of the best and loudest sounds in this price range. The two most demanded features in baby monitors are two-way talk and sound activation. It also has a nightlight that is remotely controlled along with belt clip and mute features. It might be a bit more complicated to use due to the programming and menu options. However, it is a great option for most of the families who are looking for sound clarity and a budget-friendly price.

It is quite average when it comes to ease of use. When companies include multiple features it usually results in the products becoming harder to use. They are just more complicated; it does not mean they are difficult to use.

Setting it up is quite simple. You only have to plug in and turn it on. The majority of the user buttons are on the front of the parent unit, which could be a problem if the user pushes the wrong buttons in the middle of the night. The user can also set the sound sensitivity, vibrations, sound alert, language, a nightlight, and other default settings from the menu.

It offers an average range of distance between the parent and baby units that is 1000 feet when in a line of sight, according to the manufacturer. However, in the manual, the indoor range is stated to be 160 feet. Which is fairly enough for various homes.

The baby monitor does not have battery backup, while the parent unit has a rechargeable battery. It should be able to provide 18 hours of run time before recharging, as the manufacturer claims. However, we do recommend that you plug in the unit whenever possible to make sure that you don’t lose connection in the middle of the night.

It also has adjustable mic sensitivity and sound activation. To help a monitor stay fairly silent when the baby is silent, both of the features work quite well. It could also help in an easier time falling asleep and staying asleep for as long as the baby wants to.

It has a graphic sound indicator that shows up to five different levels of sound, which makes it easier for a hearing-impaired parent to visually monitor the sound in the baby’s room.

There is a vibration alert on the parent unit, if the user is taking advantage of the hands-free belt clip, the user will not miss the notification.


Maximum RangeUp to 160 feet indoors
TypeAudio baby monitor
Battery lifeUp to 18 hours
TransmissionPrivate connection
Mounting MechanismFreestanding
Functionality for deaf parentsVibrations, graphic sound indicator
FeaturesTwo-parent units, clip-on design, night vision




  • It has a night light
  • It provides a long-range connection
  • It has a 5-level sound indicator
  • There is no video feedback

Sonic Bomb Baby Cry Signaler

 Sonic Bomb Baby Cry Signaler

Our next pick from our list is the Sonic Bomb Baby Cry Signaler baby monitor. It is a great option for deaf parents who want to set up a customizable baby monitoring system in their home.

It can be coupled with many different receiver products that range from visual indicators to a baby monitor watch because this is a transmitter. It is quite easy to set up and sync with the other devices and it does not work alone. It can also be coupled with the Sonic Bomb BL300 Strobe Receiver as they work seamlessly together.

It plugs into an outlet in your child’s room and detects even the softest sound. It makes sure that you always know when your baby is crying. This signaler lets you know by sending an alert to your Sonic Alert receiver, which is sold separately when it detects crying and flashes a light.

To make sure that your baby is undisturbed by the system, the signaler does not make a noise or flash itself. It also lets the user adjust the sensitivity, giving the user the choice to make it detect all baby sounds, loud and quiet, or only detect louder sounds. The user simply has to turn a knob on the signaler to make the required adjustments.

It can indicate through vibration and visually when it receives a signal from the transmitter. Users can even couple it with a bed shaker or an alarm clock that signals by vibrating.


Maximum RangeN/A
TypeCry signaler baby monitor
Battery lifeN / A
Uses power from a wall outlet
TransmissionElectrical signal
Mounting MechanismPlugs in a wall outlet
Functionality for deaf parentsIt sends a signal to a third-party receiver
vibrating, flashing light, etc.
FeaturesThe users can adjust the sensitivity


  • It can be paired with different receivers
  • Can indicate by vibrating or flashing light
  • The users can adjust the sensitivity
  • It can become a little bit expensive when paired with certain receivers
  • A separate receiver is required

Philips Avent Dect Audio Baby Monitor SCD720/86

Philips Avent Dect is one of the newest audio baby monitors from Philips. Now only does it have excellent sound quality, but it also has some impressive features. This baby monitor has more than enough range for most homes, long battery life of up to 31 hours, and enough features to keep most of the parents happy with the baby monitor. It also has sound activation a silent monitor when a baby is sleeping. It is quite expensive for an audio baby monitor. On the other hand, it provides superior sound clarity with the solid build quality.

It has great sound filtering abilities. Due to this feature, users will only hear the sound from the monitor when the baby is making noise. The users won’t hear white noise makers, fans, or other noises. It is a great feature to have in a silent monitor for better sleeping.

It also has impressive two-way communication for the speaker in the nursery. The users can choose to talk to their little one through the monitor and it provides clear sound to make sure that it isn’t unsettling for the baby. It has a built-in LED light system, which is very useful for deaf parents to monitor their babies.

It is quite easy and to use and is intuitive. It also has more features than some of the competition. It has automatic pairing and the setup is just plugged and play and the user can start monitoring, which is why the setup is quite easy. Some other features may require some fiddling.

It has a basic user interface on both the nursery and parent devices. The users will also find a menu that they can toggle through. It may not be the best method, but it is better than some of the others. On/off, volume and other features that the users will be using more frequently are located on the device outside of the menu.

It uses a unique DECT technology, which creates a private connection between the transmitter and the receiver. Its range is quite reasonable for an audio baby monitor. Also, the nursery and parent units have a rechargeable battery and they come with plugin adapters that are specific for each one. It has a Smart ECO technology, which reduces power usage and provides a longer battery life.


Maximum Range1000 feet

Up to 100 feet indoors

TypeAudio baby monitor
Battery lifeUp to 18 hours
TransmissionPrivate connection
Mounting MechanismFreestanding
Functionality for deaf parentsLight indicator
FeaturesSmart ECO technology, two-way communication


  • It has a unique DECT technology
  • It has a two-way system
  • It has a room temperature monitor


  • It does not have a humidity monitor

Wireless SereneLife Baby Camera Monitor System


Our last but not least pick from our list is the Wireless SereneLife baby monitor. A wrist baby monitor is mostly considered at the top when it comes to convenience. The users wear them around their wrist and make it easy to receive alerts. It is pretty much like wearing a wristwatch.

This baby monitor system is a complete kit, which allows any parent to keep an eye on their baby at all times, including those who are hearing impaired. Two devices come in the kit. There is a mounted camera included in it and it also includes a smartwatch that the parent wears around their wrist. To provide an overview of the room temperature, its camera has built-in detectors.

It is a smart baby monitor that comes with a stylish black rechargeable smartwatch that has a digital screen that displays video from the mounted camera. It also has a built-in microphone and a speaker that allows this reliable, convenient, and secure baby monitoring system for two-way communication.

It also has a pre-programmed button activated musical melodies and lullabies to provide comfort. It makes it a great choice for baby’s room monitoring. It also has night vision camera illumination, which will automatically detect dim light and provide clear video even in the darkroom. There is a built-in vibrating baby sleeper function in the watch.

It allows the parent to be notified of movement, crying, or a waking baby through a vibration in the watch.

Wireless Baby Camera Monitor System


Maximum Range850 feet
TypeSmartwatch baby monitor
Battery life390 mAh
Mounting MechanismFreestanding
Functionality for deaf parentsVibrating and visual feedback through the wristwatch
FeaturesThermometer, rechargeable battery, night vision


  • It has night vision
  • It has a temperature sensor
  • It provides video monitoring


  • It has a small screen size



It can be a difficult task to choose the right baby monitor. Especially, for deaf parents, because the baby monitor manufacturers have to find a way to notify the parents with a new way that does not include sound. To help you choose the right one, we picked these five best baby monitors.

If you simply want the best overall baby monitor and don’t care about what it costs, then the Nanit Plus – Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount is an excellent option for you. The Sonic Bomb Baby Cry Signaler follows up closely because you can pair up any device according to your needs with it, which makes it a great signaling device and the best in our list.

For more convenience, the VTech DM221-2 Audio Baby Monitor is a great option. It also comes with two parent units, so that both parents can monitor their baby. Although it is great, if you want the best audio then Philips Avent Dect Audio Baby Monitor SCD720/86 is a better option for you.

Wireless SereneLife Baby Camera Monitor System provides users with more ease of access and use. The user simply has to look at their wristwatch to check on their baby.


Q: Do parents need a baby monitor?

Ans: Some parents don’t see the need to buy one, while other parents feel that a baby monitor is important. On the other hand, a baby monitor may just prove to be a necessary tool for parents who suffer from hearing loss. It gives the users a peace of mind because a user will feel to their baby. The users don’t even have to visit the child’s room to check on them.

Q: Some features that parents with hearing impaired should look for.

Ans: There are plenty of baby monitors that have different functions and features. Some of those features are sounds and alarms which won’t be of any use to you. It should have features that you need.

A baby monitor that notifies through flashing light signaling will be useful. A baby monitor that notifies you by vibrating is also quite effective. A unit that allows video monitoring would be great because you will be able to see your baby. You may have to pay quite some extra, but you can get all three.

Q: Other features to consider.

Ans: Some baby monitors come with extra features. However, these extra features come at a price. Here are a few aspects that you can consider spending extra on:

If it uses a battery, then how long does the battery last. Having a unit with long battery life is always better. Does it have rechargeable batteries, because they last longer as they can be used more than once.

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